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30 April 2013

Coconut Rice Pudding With Mango Puree and Rum Caramel Sauce

When luck strikes and we get some Asian mangoes from the Asian market in Rome, we celebrate in the kitchen.  The big part of the very sweet mangoes gets eaten as is, like how they should be enjoyed.  Then one small part gets the cooking treatment in my pots and pans.  I would really rather eat them by scooping the chilled pulp from the sliced fruit that just came from the fridge.  It's just like how I used to enjoy them when I was growing up in the midst of mangoes everywhere.  But now that I am thousands of kilometers away from the closest mango tree (I would have to correct this to just a few kilometers if my friend is successful in growing her mango tree which she planted from seed),  I encapsulated the flavor and smell of my favorite fruit.  I used it as a topping to a bowl of coconut rice pudding then I mixed it with a good drizzle of rum caramel sauce.  The flavors are amazing and it perfectly epitomizes my long-lost childhood memories of how a tropical island dessert should be.  

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