Salmon, Pear and Brie Panino

I am faced with a perennial challenge when I am preparing daily quick lunches because the one I have to feed is extremely picky.  My 3-year old daughter is hard to please with the food and I can only count with my fingers what she eats.  Bread, pears, salmon (smoked & grilled) and cheese.  Did you notice that they're all of the above?  She is now discovering that some greens like lettuce are not really that bad that she allows a few leaves doused in extra virgin olive oil to be included in her diet.  This panino (sandwich) is dedicated to her even if she dissected each ingredient on her plate.  Maybe in time, she will eat them all in one bite.  It makes a delicious blending of flavors if eaten altogether.   The recipe for this panino can be found at this link.

I also develop recipes for and the recipes I submit to them can be accessed from their site.  I thought of sharing the sneak peek here then direct you to the recipe with a link. You can find a list of my other recipes in their site by clicking on this link.