Fish and Potato Squares

If you know me by now and look through my recipes, I like creating little food packages whenever a bit of creativity grips me. But before I embarked in creating them, I bought some food molds that are fundamental in creating them. So if you are like me who happens to enjoy spending more time than usual in wrapping food on food, get yourself some food molds and stick to the basic round and square ones to get you started. This dish is just a simple fish and potato recipe baked in the oven with just the simplest condiments you can find in your kitchen. Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and fresh thyme. To see my recipe with step-by-step pictures in making these Fish and Potato Squares, hop on over to this link.

I develop recipes for and the recipes I submit to them can be accessed from their site.  I thought of sharing the sneak peek here then direct you to the recipe with a link. You can find a list of my other recipes in their site by clicking on this link.