Orecchiette With Salmon, Spinach, Tomatoes & Lemon

Orecchiette.  For the different varieties of pasta that I have tried, I can only count with my fingers which ones I really like. They are the ones that are compact and catch the sauce perfectly well.  One of them is orecchiette, the ear-shaped pasta with a central depression to catch the sauce better.  It has a good compact body that compensates the amount of sauce that gets caught in its concave shape.  It comes from Puglia, one of the southern regions of Italy and there, they like serving it simply with broccoli rabe and some breadcrumbs.  Its simplicity is what makes it so good.  The flavors of two to three ingredients blend harmoniously well together.  I always say that but it's true with Italian cooking.  Less is better.  But let's go back to this recipe.  For a change, I strayed away from the typical broccoli rabe sauce even if my family and I are crazy about it.  I tried something new using salmon, spinach and tomatoes for a change.  Adding lemon zest gave it a wonderful aromatic side to it.

You can try it, you be the judge.  For this recipe, you will have to hop on over to sheknows.com where I write recipes too.  Click on this link to see this recipe then if you want to see what other original recipes I have there, click on this link too.

Thank you and have a good Friday!