Tuna, Salmon and Swordfish Skewers

Small, medium or large fish?  I love all and I think the smaller the fish is, the tastier it is.  But let me show you how to enjoy its bigger counterpart. I skewered three kinds of common large fish which are salmon, tuna and swordfish in-between wedges of oranges, bay leaves, fennel and cherry tomatoes.  It was a wonderland of beautiful odors while I was grilling and you can imagine that the taste is also awesome.

I also develop recipes for SheKnows.com.  The recipes I submit to them can be accessed from their site.  I thought of sharing the sneak peek here then direct you to the recipe with a link. 

Step over at She Knows and check out this recipe. You can also find a list of my other recipes in their site by clicking on this link.