Fun Kiddle Meals 2

White pizza with prosciutto crudo.
Pushing a child to eat is probably one of the most challenging tasks a parent has to go through.  Who knows what goes on in their minds when they fabricate reasons why they cannot eat what you just prepared for them.  Contriving little ones.   My son has a whole bagful of excuses that are mostly implausible to the point of being hilarious.  When I was a child, I was the princess of excuses in not eating my veggies.  My father wouldn't make me stand from the dining table until I finish the 3 pieces of stringbeans of about 4 inches long that he would oblige me to eat.  If only he can see how much I eat my veggies now, he would be very proud of me.

Kids go through phases of eating something with exaggerated amounts then suddenly make full stops that when you give them the same food after about a couple of weeks, they give you a questioning look and dismiss you abruptly saying that they don't eat it.  It makes you wonder if you just dreamed the whole 2-week frenzy of singular food diet.   Sigh.  But hey, my son's gastronomical sense is actually good.   He likes to try out new things.  He eats his veggies, not all of course and his fruits.  Just lately he had been a bit lackadaisical with his food.  And that's when I thought that I should perk up that sleeping appetite of his with a little bit of fun.

Chicken parmesan burgers.

Strawberry, almond & chocolate chip frozen pop balls.
Bresaola with rucola & parmesan rolls, pomegranate, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes & olives.
Melon balls with dried cranberries. 

Frozen grapes & oranges.