Burrata, From The Deeper South and Puglia

Burrata is a kind of fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream.  It has an outer shell of mozzarella and filled up with a creamy mixture of mozzarella and cream.  It comes from the region of Puglia in Italy.  

If you cut open the burrata, the creamy mozzarella oozes out.  Scoop them out and prepare them in these six ways of serving them as appetizers.   Scroll all the way down for the recipes.

Here are some pictures of the towns in the South of Italy, especially in the area of Puglia.  

Towns are Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ruvo di Puglia, Lecce, Ostuni and Trani.

Castel del Monte is a 13th century castle situated in Andria in the Apulia region.  It stands on a promontory, where it was constructed during the 1240s by the Emperor Frederick II. 

Alberobello is a unique town in Puglia with a lot of trulli, the traditional Apulian houses with conical roofs.  These houses were generally constructed as temporary field shelters or as dwellings by agricultural proprietors or laborers.


Burrata Spoon Appetizers

Cut open the burrata to make the cream come out.  Scoop them out and prepare them in these six appetizers. You can also include the outer shell if you want or you can opt to segregate it and eat it separately.
  1. With minced tomatoes, salt, extra virgin olive oil & basil.
  2. With anchovies, extra virgin olive oil & dried oregano.  
  3. With black olives, chili (piment d'Espelette) & extra virgin olive oil.
  4. With prosciutto crudo.
  5. With cchiappe,  a type of Sicilian dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil & dried oregano.
  6. With minced olives, extra virgin olive oil & dried oregano.