Jasmina Golob Recreates Old Slovenian Recipes at Gostilna Štirna in Miren Kras

Miren Kras, the area of Slovenia between Vipava Valley and Kras, has a green landscape that borders with Italy and the sea. Miren's bounties of nature pervade the air with aromas of freshness, pine, and its particular specialty, the bora-cured prosciutto. It has a sprinkling of inns that serve traditional food using seasonal ingredients from their own gardens or from trusted small farms in the area. 

One of the most celebrated female chefs in Miren Kras is Jasmina Golob of Štirna Inn. In her kitchen, she keeps old recipes that were passed on from grandmothers in the Karst region that she presents in a lightly retouched version of her creativity. She uses seasonal local ingredients in her culinary delicacies. The platter of local cured meat is highly recommendable as well as her handmade Štirna Gnocchi. The inn has an age-old tradition of pampering hungry guests when their horse-drawn vehicles stopped from Italy. Today, Štirna Inn works with the joint effort of Jasmina and her husband Jurij Golob as he stays in the dining room with the guests. The atmosphere of Štirna is very homey thanks to the familiarity of the flavors of Jasmina’s kitchen and the warmth of the hospitality of Jurij. In the indoor dining rooms, the restaurant can accommodate 90 while outdoors in the two summer gardens, 80 can be seated.

Gostilna Štirna
Address: Opatje selo 42, 5291 Miren, Slovenia

Website: www.gostilna-stirna.si/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gostilna.stirna.opatje.selo