A Young Chef’s Fresh Take on Slovenian Flavors at Istrian Bistro and Tapas Bar in Portorož

A refreshing take on modern cuisine, the young chef of Istrian Bistro and Tapas creates his dishes with inventiveness without sidestepping the fundamentals of Istrian flavors while using seasonal ingredients. Chef Siniša Petrušić prepares dishes that are inviting and even more so as you dig in. The wine menu is stacked with excellent choices of local and international labels to accompany the dishes. Concluding the meal gets more exciting as you can browse the window display of pastries prepared by the pastry chefs at one part of the restaurant. Located inside the Mind Hotel Slovenija – LifeClass Hotels & Spa, Istrian Bistro and Tapas has a modern and relaxed atmosphere with a five-star service where you can watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen. The restaurant is part of the Slovenian culinary project: The Restaurant Week, in which twice a year the best restaurants show off their best dishes to a larger approach to diners.

Mind Hotel Slovenija is a five-star wellness hotel right across the beach of Portoroz. It is a part of the luxury hotels of Lifeclass Hotels and Spas. The position is perfect where you can see in full splendor the stretch the Gulf of Trieste. The blue waters of the sea and the green Istrian countryside immerses your stay in full harmony with nature. With a room facing the waters, a drink on the balcony as you watch the sun set and spew out its orange hues is beautiful. The hotel is a part of a modern winter thermal resort and directly linked to the swimming pools with thermal water, one of the most comprehensive health and wellness offers in Europe.

Istrian Bistro and Tapas Bar
Address: Mind Hotel Slovenija, Obala 35, 6320 Portorož, Slovenia
Website: http://www.istrian-bistro.si/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IstrianTapasstrian-