Gostilna Makorič: A Gastronomic Stop at Miren Kras, Slovenia

Darja Makorič reigns in the kitchen of Makorič Inn. Located in the town of Orehovlje, it is one of the most popular restaurants in this part of Slovenia for its authentic approach on traditional cuisine which are typical of the Vipava Valley and Karst. The menu is strictly seasonal with a variety of genuine local flavors using the best local ingredients. Asparagus season in spring is a one of the best times to visit when Darja whips up specialty dishes with the white spears. Homemade bread and dumplings are excellent. Protecting the culinary heritage is one of the missions of Makorič Inn.

Gostilna Makorič
Address: Orehovlje 31, 5291 Miren, Slovenia
Website: https://www.mirenkras.si/en/gostilna-makoric-inn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gostilna-Makoric-1241048896073812/