Fiumicino's Periferia Iodata Chefs Cook on the Beach For Their First Summer Party

An attendance of more than six hundred people marked a great success for the first party ever organized by the chefs of Periferia Iodata on the first day of August 2022. Among them were also Mayor Esterino Montino of Fiumicino, Vice Mayor Ezio Di Genesio Pagliuca, and President of the Productive Activities Commission Fabio Zorzi, who lauded the significant initiative of the chefs. The setting is the beach front area of La Baia di Fregene where stalls were set up accommodating the makeshift outdoor kitchens of the restaurants. Live upbeat music was provided making the atmosphere a purely convivial summer party. Kicking your shoes off and enjoying a casual get together of lovers of good food was the main recipe of the party.

Periferia Iodata, literally translated to iodized outskirts, is a project of four multi-awarded chefs from the town of Fiumicino who have been on the constant drive in promoting the territory and its products. It was founded by Gianfranco Pascucci of Pascucci al Porticciolo (1 Michelin star), Lele Usai of Il Tino (1 Michelin star) and Bistrot 4112, Marco Claroni of Osteria dell’Orologio, and Benny Gili of La Baia di Fregene and has immediately grown to 13 members. The association of 13 restaurants has tightened its supply chain only to the excellence of what the territory can provide.

Succeeding members consist of Alessandro Capponi of Host; Alessandro Pietrini of Ristorante La Marina; Franco Di Lelio of Pizzeria Sancho; Arcangelo Patrizi of Pasticceria Patrizi; Marco Fiorucci of Gina at Porto Romano; Luca Pezzetta of Pizzeria Clementina; Andrea Salce of Il Riviera; Fabio Di Vilio of La Scialuppa Da Salvatore; and Maria Cristina Sebastiani of Rosario.

The night's menu consisted of:
Fried Shrimp by Fabio di Vilio (La Scialuppa Da Salvatore) and Alessandro Capponi (Host)
Pizza with Potatoes and Porchetta by Franco Di Lelio (Pizzeria Sancho)
Supplì Sphere of Seafood Vaccinara by Luca Pezzetta (Pizzeria Clementina)
"Periferia" Fish Soup by Marco Claroni (Osteria dell'Orologio), Alessandro Pietrini (Ristorante La Marina), and Marco Fiorucci (Gina at Porto Romano)
Fusilli alla Genovese by Lele Usai (Il Tino and Bistrot 4112)
Paccheri with Seafood by Andrea Salce (La Riviera)
Grilled Sword Fish by Gianfranco Pascucci (Pascucci al Porticciolo) and Benny Gili (La Baia di Fregene)
Maritozzo with Ricotta Gelato by Arcangelo Patrizi (Pasticceria Patrizi)
The accompanying wine is Paolo e Noemia d'Amico Calanchi Di Vaiano.

Periferia Iodata