The Cesar Restaurant of La Posta Vecchia Hotel: A Gastronomic Seaside Retreat Close to Rome

Some forty kilometers from Rome towards the northwest seaside coast in the town of Palo, an unexpected majestic gated entrance with green hedges, perfectly manicured lawns and ancient Roman ruins. An expansive and dignified ochre-colored Rennaisance villa dating back from the 17th-century which was once annexed to the nearby Castello di Palo Odeschalchi. A stylish entrance with rich furnishings of tapestries, marble busts and valuable artwork, where contemporary elegance mingles with the golden age style of the villa. Then you arrive at the sun-kissed terrace with tables dressed with perfectly white linens and expensive glassware waiting for you to sit with the panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea washing up the dark sand as you bask under the warm Italian weather. Welcome to The Cesar Restaurant, inside the luxurious 5-star La Posta Vecchia Hotel.

The Cesar Restaurant is under the guidance of Executive Chef Antonio Mugliulo since 2016. He traces his origin from the Campania region where as a child, he has been passionate about cooking. After hotel school, he embarked in working in different parts of Italy and abroad like in the kitchens of celebrated starred chefs Alain Ducasse in London and Gaetano Trovato in Tuscany.

His cuisine falls into innovative bracket which permits him to research the mixtures of new textures and flavors, practice contemporary techniques and searching for new materials. Quality and innovation are foremost in his kitchen. Most of fresh ingredients are organically grown in the one hectare land of vegetable plots and fruit bearing trees for the restaurant's usage. They are harvested when they have reached the prime of their readiness when they have attained the maximum of their flavors and aromas. His dishes are creations of art that convey their beauty with the vibrant synthesis of colors and perfumes.

The Expression Seafood Tasting Menu comprising seven dishes for 2019 season is priced at €125. Delightfully creative dishes with vibrant splashes of spring and summer colors feast the eyes while the Mediterranean aromas and flavors energize the palate. Dining at The Cesar is an eloquent gastronomic experience flanked by the impeccable service and exceptional wine proposals in the abundant menu. 

Expression Seafood Menu: 

Oyster, green apple and almond

Blue lobster, escarole endive with raisins, pine nuts and marinara seafood sauce 

Codfish tortelli, tomato soup, caper leaves, basil and anchovies 

Potato dumplings, bisque, raw shrimp and tomato sauce 

Snapper, saffron cream, mussels and herb potatoes

Amberjack, luciana-style broth, broccoli rabe, Taggiasche olive gel and caper powder

Mille feuille of Bronte pistachios, ganache, creamy gianduja and raspberry sorbet.

La Posta Vecchia Hotel was opened in 1990 but its interesting history goes far back by hundreds of years. Standing on the remains of an ancient Roman villa from the 2nd century B.C., the palazzo was built in 1640 as a post station where the mails were prepared before being distributed to Rome. It fell into disuse after the First World War but in the 1960s, American magnate Paul Getty saw the beauty of the building behind its ruined state and refurbished it to his  splendid seaside villa and outfitting it with ancient original works from the 15th and 17th centuries. In the 1990s, it was bought by the Scio Family who has transformed it into a lavish seaside hotel of 19 lavish rooms.

The Cesar Restaurant

La Posta Vecchia Hotel

Palo Laziale

00055 Palo Laziale (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 06 9949501

Open daily for lunch and dinner (closed in winter)