Hamlet + Jacks in Saint Petersburg: A Taste of Modern Russian Gastronomy

One of the most promising young talents in modern Russian gastronomy, Chef Evgeny Vikentev, presents his innovational cuisine at Hamlet + Jacks Restaurant in Saint Petersburg. The restaurant that used to be an old jewelry workshop is located just a short distance from the luxurious DLT Department Store and the Hermitage Museum where it commands a continuous flow of local and international diners. The five founders, musician Hamlet Movsisyan, Evgeniy Litvyak, Evgeniy Khitkov, Evgeniу Tonkov and Chef Evgeny Vikentev bestowed their restaurant the distinctive name Hamlet + Jacks which pertains to their names.

Prior to opening the restaurant with his co-proprietors, Chef Evgeniy Vikentev gained his professional experience in some of the best restaurants in Saint Petersburg namely Grato, EM, Il Palazzo, La Maree and Volna. His path then led him to Michelin starred Il Vescovado of Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono in Noli, Italy and 41° Experience of multi-awarded Albert Adria in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by his passion for music, art and travel, Vikentev continues to create his splendid dishes of distinctive combinations of flavors and textures.

Terracotta brick walls, stone flooring, wooden tables and decors in black and neutral tones make up an industrial chic atmosphere. The kitchen is visible to the diners giving the possibility to see the chefs at work. During the warm season, there is outside seating in addition to the ample accommodation indoors. The overall friendly ambience gives every guest who walks in a pleasant dining experience.

Hamlet + Jacks' menu is categorized in two. OURS is a menu of proposals cooked with a preponderance of ingredients sourced from Russian producers. The outcome of which is focused on unusual combinations of flavors. The OURS + THEIRS are dishes made from Russian raw materials that are complemented with international ingredients giving global tastes. These two unique menus are accompanied by a fine wine list selected by the restaurant's sommelier Evgeniy Usachev that includes 140 wines from small organic, biodynamic and natural wineries from Russia and the Old World wine countries.

Appetizers range from Rubles 290 (€4) to Rubles 960 (€13), Soups, Noodles and Dumplings at Rubles 310 (€4.20) to Rubles 870 (€12), Main Courses of Fish and Meat between Rubles 640 (€8.70) to Rubles 2,400 (€33). Desserts are from Rubles 90 (€1.20) to Rubles 370 (€5).

 Siberian Omul Stroganina (Rubles 540 / €7.50) is a traditional dish from the Arctic Siberian thinly-sliced frozen raw fish. Cornmeal Porridge (Rubles 390 / €5.50) is a dish of smoked Murmansk wolffish, crab bisque and porcini mushrooms. Langoustines (Rubles 870 / €12) with pearl barley, celeriac cream and bisque. Dry-Aged Rib Eye Steak of 36 days with malt sauce, Jerusalem artichoke purèe, porcini mushrooms and pecan (Rubles 2,400 / €33). From Roots to Cake (Rubles 370 / €5) is a curious dessert of beetroot cheesecake, gingerbread crust, baked potato ice cream and candied carrot that combines different flavors of saltiness and sweetness.

For a visitor's palate, the expressive kitchen of Chef Vikentev gives quite a stimulating journey in discovering the modern representation of Russian gastronomy. Accompanied with  well-chosen Old World wines as well as a number of locally produced ones,Hamlet + Jacks is definitely worth a stop. 

Hamlet + Jacks

Volynskiy Pereulok 2

191186 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tel: +7 812 9070735

Email: info@hamletandjacks.ru

Open daily from 13:00 to 24:00 / 01:00 (Fridays and Saturdays)