Art Priori in Tallinn, Estonia: A Silver Spoon Fine Dining Excellence

Art Priori is a restaurant where fine art and high cuisine share a space together. Opened in 2015 in one of the more quiet cobblestone roads of the old town of Tallinn, Art Priori is an imperative gastronomic (and artistic) stop for those who are looking for something that's out of the usual tourist route. It is decidedly one of Estonia's best restaurants as evidenced by its Best Fine Dining Award in the Silver Spoon, the highest attainable quality label the excellence of Estonian gastronomy and being in the White Guide, a very important authoritative guide of the restaurant culture in the Nordic countries. 

Art Priori is a distinctive restaurant that offers a particularly noteworthy dining experience for its gastronomic proposals, excellent wine selection, very attentive service, art exhibits and internal design. It is divided into three dining rooms on two levels. The main hall, upon entry to the right, is an impressive room with works of art hanging on the walls, a small intricate balcony and antique staircase where musicians, on occasions, can serenade the guests with their music. Here, it is possible to see chefs at work during the course of the meal. The other two dining rooms for special events are located on the second level on the left. One of these two is the beautiful small VIP hall that has a 10-seater dining table and valuable wall-hangings. 

In the course of its short presence in the restaurant scene, it has already made a very good impact. Like its art exhibits, the food and its presentation clearly defines a higher level of culinary assimilation. From its opening in 2015, the kitchen has been headed by young chefs in their mid-twenties, Mark Klaas and Orm Oja who have jump-started the attention to the restaurant with their exemplary experimental ideas and creativity. Modern cooking equipment are used along with a high temperature Big Green Egg grill. At present, the kitchen is depicted by the talented Head Chef Alexander Colomar who continues the philosophy of Art Priori. He represents Estonian and New Nordic cuisines which emphasize purity, simplicity and freshness. It sees a contemporary evolution but it maintains the essentiality of traditional flavors and techniques and seasonality of the raw ingredients. Sourcing of seasonal Estonian products is significant for the chef's proclivity in vegetables and in fact, wild herbs and berries are hand-picked by experienced foragers.

The menu is divided into Starters (€16 to €30), Main Courses of pasta, meat or fish (€16 to €31), and Desserts (€7 to €9). There is also an available Tasting Menu (€69) of 8 courses including the amuse bouche and mid-course sorbet. Notable are the Eclairs with Cured Trout, Avocado and Yuzu (€18) as well as the Scallops with Black Caviar (€18). Leave room for the Peach (€9) dessert with almond, lemon verbena and champagne and the refreshing Rhurarb (€7) with tonka beans, granita and elderflowers. 

Art Priori

Olevim├Ągi 7

10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel: +372 6003353




Open for lunch and dinner daily except Sundays