Cocktails With a Roman View at The Court of Palazzo Manfredi

Located inside the 5-star luxury hotel Palazzo Manfredi, The Court, the newly-opened cocktail bar bestows a phenomenal view of Rome's iconic ancient Roman monument, the Colosseum. Atypical of the position of popular cocktail bar terraces in Rome, The Court is actually one floor down. From the hotel's main entrance, take one flight of stairs to go down and the courtyard opens to an awe-inspiring place. Flanked by two high walls with a 7-meter long travertine counter on one side and living room on the other side, The Court resembles an open air theater with a widescreen view in front - the majestic Colosseum and the Ludus Magnus, the ruins of the greatest gladiatorial school of ancient Rome.

An impressive line up of drinks awaits its guests with the mixology of renowned  barman Matteo Zed, known for his amaro cocktails and desire to surprise with his concoctions. After valuable experiences behind the counters in Japan, Europe and America, Matteo tackles his new avant-garde project with the support of Gennaro Buono, Palazzo Manfredi's F&B Manager and candidate for 2016 Best Sommelier in Italy.

The drink list is structured on different categories: the Classics, the Signatures and the Seasonal ones and a distinct selection of Forgotten Classics and Unforgettable which epitomize the forgotten and timeless drinks in the history of cocktails. The view, mixology and gourmet food are the strong points of The Court. The gourmet experience is signed by Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, the chef of Palazzo Manfredi's Michelin starred rooftop restaurant, Aroma. Aside from the finger foods of the chef, there are also the sweet creations of Pastry Chef Daniele De Santi.

Among the signature cocktails of Zed are the Rising Sun, a mixture of aromatic gin, yuzu syrup, matcha grean tea, Moscato grapes and honey, mixed with a bamboo chasen and served in a Japanese tea pot. There's also the Black Mamba, a mixture of Jamaican and Venezuelan rum, peanut water and tamarind extract.

One of the most refined places in Rome in a luxurious and casual ambience, The Court is the place to enjoy the incredible view of Rome from sundown to midnight with contemporary drinking accompanied by finger food created with great attention to detail and quality.

The Court

Palazzo Manfredi

Via Labicana, 125
00184 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 77591380