Genuinely Japanese at Junsei Restaurant Kaiten Sushi in Rome, Italy

Although Italian gastronomy dominates the restaurant scene in the Rome, a kaleidoscope of choices give broad possibilities on assorted cookeries. However, in a big city like Rome, there is only a sprinkling of good Japanese restaurants serving authentic cuisine. One option in the Testaccio area is Junsei Restaurant where the kaiten sushi (or rotation sushi) plays protagonist. It's a rotating conveyor belt that moves past the counter or nearby tables containing freshly-done small plates of sushi and the diners sitting nearby can freely pick out what kind of plate to take aside from the dishes that can be ordered from the menu.

Junsei's kaiten is on the small side unlike some that are being offered in other places, accommodating only 8 seats at a time, making it more cozy especially for small groups who want to enjoy the experience together. The restaurant's kaiten is operational daily for lunch and dinner and it is also bookable for small groups in the evening for a different kind of dinner. The best seats in the house are always the ones next to the sushi chefs giving you the chance to watch how they prepare them before being placed on the kaiten.

Junsei's Chef Arita, originally from Hiroshima, specializes in sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes like various kinds of noodles, rice, grilled meat and fish, salads, fried tempura, gyoza and desserts. The menu has an ample selection of authentic Japanese food with reasonable prices. The restaurant was born from the idea of giving an authentic Japanese gastronomic experience on the basis of using the freshness and high quality of the ingredients in a casual and modern ambience.

Nigiri  and Gunkan of 2 pieces start at €3 until €7, Chirashi (bowls of sushi rice topped with various kinds of toppings) start at €13 until €24, Sashimi (prices differ with the kinds of seafood and number of pieces of 7 to 15 per order) starting from €10 to €26, or the excellent sets of mixed sushi and sashimi sets from €24 to €110 to be shared in the middle of the table.

Various salads and appetizers are from €3 to €12, grilled fish and meat are between €10 to €20 for the Miso Black Cod, €7 to €13 for the fried proposals of tempura and breadcrumb-crusted meat, €6 for the Yakimeshi (sautèed mixed rice) and €8 to €15 for the Udon and Soba. A sea of desserts are available for an average price of €5. Selections of Japanese beers and sake can also accompany the meals.

In the warm season when the outdoor seating is open from Tuesday to Saturday evenings, Junsei also offers a rich aperitif menu with a selection of Japanese beers, sake and cocktails served with a sushi boat starting from €5.

Junsei Restaurant

Via Galvani, 69
00153 Rome (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 06 5754012