Rediscovering Authentic Roman Cuisine at Trattoria Verbano in Rome, Italy

Trattoria Verbano welcomes its patrons in the residential Trieste neighborhood in Rome with its convivial atmosphere reminiscent of old trattorias wedged into the modern bistrot style. The restaurant's layout is spread out on two small levels at the corner of Piazza Verbano and Via Topino with a kitchen visible to the diners on the ground floor. It has a youthful ambience created by its three young proprietors and their jovial staff. You wouldn't miss the authenticity of how a genuine Roman trattoria used to be that's reproposed in a modern route.

Chef Marco Morello designed a menu for Trattoria Verbano that best reflects the identity of the Roman cuisine. Executing his recipes are Chefs Fabio Masci and Mirko Pappalardo. Classic recipes from the old tradition, including some forgotten recipes from grandmothers' cookbooks were reinterpreted with his innovative flair and originality. The kitchen boasts of a journey into the flavors and aromas of the past, to rediscover a gastronomic heritage that have been enjoyed in the past era.

Particular attention is given to the choice of raw materials. The fresh produce are seasonal, coming from the best local markets of the city that are scoured every morning. Whereas the other ingredients are sourced from small regional shops recognized by Slow Food for their quality standard.

The menu depicts an interesting selection of dishes of appetizers (€5 - €7) like the Uova in Trippa, a typical Roman dish made of strips of frittata with tomato sauce or the Bruschetta con Calamari, bruschetta with sautèed squid on top. The first plates of pasta and risotto (€10 - €14) are equally delectable and tasty with the proposals of Fettuccine al Ragù di Coda (Fettuccine with Oxtail Ragù), and the Tonnarelli con Ragù di Tonno Fresco ai Tre Pomodori (Tonnarelli with Fresh Tuna Ragù and 3 Kinds of Tomatoes). The second dishes of meat and fish (€14 - €16) are worth trying especially the Baccala alla Trasteverina (Salted Cod with Tomato Sauce) and the Maialino da Latte alle Erbe con Friggitelli (Suckling Pig with Herbs and Friggitelli).

Finish the meal before the dessert with a plate of vegetable side dish (€6) like the crispy and refreshing Sedano alla Raffinata, fresh celery strips with mayonnaise and mustard seeds. Finally, a typical Roman dessert (€6) is a must with the simple and ever delectable Crostata di Ricotta e Visciole (Tart with Ricotta and Sour Cherries), Tiramisù or a delightful and recommendable bowl of Gelato allo Zabaione con Croccante di Mandorle e Scaglie di Cioccolato Fondente (Zabaione Gelato with Crispy Almonds and Dark Chocolate Flakes).

Trattoria Verbano

Piazza Verbano, 23

00199 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 45507502