Off Club: Cosmopolitan Asian Gourmet and Cocktail Supper Club in Rome

Located at the edge of Rome, Off Club opens its doors at Casal Bertone to a spacious 400-square meter space spread out on three levels of full immersion of Asian gourmet and optimum cocktails. An eclectic atmosphere with a decisively contemporary  and minimalist line, the supper club was conceptualized by Matteo Di Persio and Francesco Curcio then realized by the renowned Sicilian architect Antonino Cardillo.

Off Club bears the signature of Antonino Cardillo, whose works have been exhibited at the German Museum of Architecture and Milan Triennale and a lecturer at architectural schools such as the Royal College of Art in London, and a consultant of the Wallpaper magazine. It is designed in fact with raw gold and black enamel which brings a melange of art deco, fascinating optical illusions of Escher and ancient Byzantine iconostases.

The ambience perfectly bridges with their philosophy of "pulling the plug" (staccare la spina), when entering the club, where you forget about the urban complexities outside. Drinks, food and the music constellate the energetic yet relaxing moment at the end of the day. Aperitif, dinner and after-dinner drinks are offered by Off Club. Leave it to Patrizio Boschetto, the former bar manager of Achilli al Dom of Rome, along with Giuseppe di Cristofano in preparing Japanese-inspired cocktails (€15) prepared with various distillations, syrups, and infusions from behind the long black granite bar counters.

A must try is the Lapsang Tea (€15), a drink served in a tea pot with tropical notes of almonds, mangoes, passion fruit with a base of Lapsang tea infusion. Or the Yoshitomo (€15), a fresh citrus drink with oriental notes with a base of vodka, a dash of sochu and sake with yuzu.

The kitchen is headed by Chef Adriano Magnoli who creates Japanese-inspired dishes with key Italian elements while the desserts are brought forth by Pastry Chef Antonella Mascolo. In the menu are Chirashi (€16), Sashimi €14 and Gunkan (€16) as well as Nigiri (€10 - €18) of tuna, wagyu, prawns and salmon. The platters of Uramaki (€12 - €20) give the chef's creative twists of Italian and Japanese combinations. The steamed bread Bao with Wagyu (€20) and Squid Ink Bao with Crab (€12) merit to be tasted. There are also Wok and Ramen (€14 - €18) proposals and main dishes of Meat and Seafood (€12 - €38) of Shabu-Shabu of Greater Amberjack (€20), Seared Wagyu (€38), Seared Quail  with Jerusalem Artichoke and Roasted Corn Cob (€22) and other appetizing dishes. Proposals for dessert (€12) are Peach and Sake, Sushimisù, Japanese Apple Cake with Yuzu and Fior di Latte Gelato, and a Mixture of Fruits with White Chocolate.

Off Club

Via di Casal Bertone, 64

00159 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 4977 2523



Open daily from 18:00 to 02:00 except Mondays