Good Health and Wellbeing Counts at YogAyur Bistrot in Rome

YogAyur, a yoga center founded by yoga and meditation instructor Federico Insabato has enlarged its scope by offering a kitchen that fully completes its philosophy of harmonizing the body, mind and heart under one roof. The newly-opened YogAyur Bistrot proffers a distinctly healthy side of gastronomy offering a cuisine that specializes in vegetarian and variants of vegan and raw food philosophies. Behind the force is Catia Briganti, who takes with her an approach to natural and healthy cuisine.

An artist who worked with iron and wood before putting on an apron, Catia's work has always been linked to raw materials and manual work. An inspiring experience in Australia opened a door for her towards the culinary world which she followed up in working at Urbana 47 with Angelo Belli. Nature has always been an inspiration to her work and she tries to recreate it the shapes, colors, aromas and flavors that of the dishes with the rhythm of the seasons serving as her guideline. Through careful research, always respectful of the planet and those who eat, Catia proposes original and interesting recipes that are much lightened in fat, gluten and sugar but rich in flavors and healthy nutrients. The ingredients come from renowned suppliers of quality products like Piccola Bottega Merenda, and Grezzo, a raw chocolate confectionery while some fresh produce come straight from Caria's garden.

YogAyur Bistrot offers a selection of proposals for the vegetarians, vegans, gluten and lactose intolerants from breakfast until dinner. The morning starts with a table of Ayurvedic teas, juice and extracts of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as kefir, spirulina, bread and jam, yogurt, golden milk, muffins and sandwiches. For lunch and dinner (€8 to €12) combinations of soups, salads, whole grain dishes, fresh eggs and selections of raw milk cheeses are available. Aperitif can also be enjoyed on the rooftop terrace with spirits, a small selection of organic wines and artisan beer of San Biagio Brewery. At YogAyur, it is also possible to fill up your own lunch box with selected food for take away or delivery at their Bento Bar service. 

The yoga center maintains a 360-degree ambience of promoting health and wellbeing at a wide level. Prior to its expansion to the gastronomic reach, the yoga center founded by yoga and meditation instructor Federico Sabato has already been existing in two locations in Rome, one at the Monti and the other one at Ostiense (close to Rome's iconic Gazometro) where the bistrot is located.

It is a place of various rooms where everyone's wellbeing is considered foremost, a place where different techniques and exercises are aimed at achieving peace and unity between body, mind and soul. You can choose between hammam, turkish bath, yoga, pilates, meditation, counseling, massage as well as cooking techniques.

Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 38
Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 392 9417458 / +39 06 89346021