Stuffed Crabs

I may have been a picky eater when I was young but I put an exception on crabs. In fact, they are my favorite seafood. There are two ways of cooking them that I learned from my mom's kitchen. One is cooked in coconut milk with vegetables and loads of steamed rice to accompany them. In my opinion, this dish collectively puts all the fundamental Philippine flavors in one. Seafood, coconut milk and ginger. The second one, the Stuffed Crabs, is like an omelet that is stuffed in the crab shell. With crab meat and minced vegetables, these stuffed crabs are simply delicious.

One good thing about it is that you can use leftover cooked crabs or you can start from scratch.  It is more or less like an omelet but it is more presentable when you serve it. If you are not familiar with crabs and you are looking for a quick and easy way to cook them, then this is a good recipe to start with. I added some lemon zest and juice to make the overall flavor more aromatic with a lovely touch of citrus.

For my Stuffed Crabs recipe, you can get it at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. I hope you enjoy this recipe! Have a great week!