Coconut Water Cocktail

As soon as a fresh coconut is cracked, coconut water gushing out from its shell is one of the best things that remind me about living in a tropical country.We had a couple of tall trees in our garden and they were always full of fruit. However, getting them was a little problem because no one knew how to climb them. We can easily get them at the market because in the Philippines, you can buy coconuts everywhere. But getting them straight from your own trees and drinking the juice and eating the pulp as soon as they are detached from the tree have the freshness that nothing can top. 

Coconut water comes from the fresh coconut, not the dried ones. It is lightly sweet, nutty and just refreshing and delicious. When made into drinks, just crack open the coconuts and collect the juice in a pitcher. Grate the pulp and add them to the water then fill it up with ice. Some add sugar while some don't. I don't recall my Mom adding any sugar and I think it is better that way. Coconut water is very healthy. The water of from one coconut shell contains more potassium than that of 4 bananas. The water is naturally low in calories and is fat and cholesterol-free. Futhermore, it is also known to hydrate the body well so forget about sports drinks because this one is 100% natural! 

And to make one of the healthiest drinks that exist into a cocktail? Why not! Just add some white rum and simple syrup (water and sugar mixture) and your refreshing cocktail drink is ready.

For this Coconut Water Cocktail recipe, you can get it at She Knows, a great site where I create recipes. To see my other recipes there, click on my Profile Page. Enjoy your weekend!

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