Grilled Mini Ham and Cheese Sandwich Sticks with Cheesy Dipping Sauce

When you have kids at home, eating three full meals at home plus incessant snacks throughout the day, you must run a very busy kitchen. And the food creations that come out from your little realm should be attract the attention of the young minds that rule the house. Throughout the whole month of August, when summer vacation officially happens, I had my hands full in keeping these little rulers busy and happy in the kitchen.

Being kids, they are cautious about new things that I introduce to them and they LOVE repeats of their favorites. Example? We are now on our fourth Pezzo Duro or Cassata Gelato (Ice Cream Loaf Cake). One was not enough for my kids the other day so I worked on the second, third and finally, the fourth one is quietly freezing in the freezer right now. In a span of one week, I made 4 loaves of ice cream cake. See what I mean? So introducing new snacks is always met by a wall of No! This time, I broke that wall with these Grilled Mini Ham and Cheese Sandwich Sticks with Cheesy Dipping Sauce.

It's basically a plain grilled ham and cheese sandwich that I sliced into bite sizes and inserted in skewers. I made the cheese sauce to make dipping the mini sandwiches fun. And it sure was as they dunked their sandwiches in the cheese. They loved it but it has a tendency to become messy. Isn't that the point of giving food to the kids? 

For the recipe of this Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich Sticks with Cheesy Dipping Sauce, you can get it at She Knows, a great site where I create recipes. Enjoy your week!

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