Skinny Burrito Bowl

Make me go inside a Mexican restaurant and I will definitely have a burrito in my hand in minutes. It's one of my favorite Mexican dishes. But it is also on the messy side like any other food that has little fillings inside. There has to be a style in holding it up and biting into it without so much damage. You know, the filling ending up everywhere except where it should go. So when the idea of the burrito bowl came out, I was relieved because I would have 100% of that burrito filling in my mouth finally. And apparently, I was not alone in trying failing the art of eating a burrito properly.

But then, technically it is not a burrito anymore isn't it? Let's just say that this was influenced by the flavors of a burrito. And can I even say that it is exceptional? Cooking the rice with the salsa and the other ingredients made it absorb the taste well. Too well I might add because when you put that first forkful in your mouth, you will be hooked. I was and my husband was too. It's that kind of dish that totally agrees with how you want to eat it. And yes, since I didn't cook so much, it was gone in a flash and I had to cook another batch.

To make it more nutritious, try using brown rice like how I did. It is much healthier than the polished white ones that we are used to. Brown rice still has the bran and germ surrounding it so the nutrients are still intact. The white rice is already refined so they are stripped off these natural nutrients that the rice has. I still use white rice when I steam it alone while I resort more to brown rice now when I make a dish that's mixed with other things. For less calories, use a leaner kind of meat like turkey, salsa with no sugar in it, low-sodium chicken broth, cheese with lower fat content and your own homemade taco seasoning. A little difference can always help.

Now let me leave you so can try preparing this Skinny Burrito Bowl. You can find this recipe at Skinny Ms. where I create recipes. It is a good source of healthy recipes and fitness workouts. Enjoy your Sunday!

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