Spring Green Veggie Salad with Crushed Raspberry Dressing

If you've got ten minutes, then you can easily put this together and enjoy what real freshness means. When all your ingredients are raw, fresh and crispy, you retain all the vitamins and minerals that go with them. Because if the vegetables are just picked (for that I like the kilometer zero produce) and not cooked, then you actually get almost all the nutrients that go with the vegetables. Kilometer zero produce is widely pushed in Italy because the vegetables and fruits are grown in the area itself where they are being sold and consumed. They are picked later, they don't travel and the transportation cost is at the minimal. All these together make the fresh produce cheaper and with much superior quality. Of course, not unless there is a specialty produce that grows only in one area of the country.

You can change the greens that you put in this salad. The important thing is that they are fresh and they stay well together. In this plate, I put together some baby spinach, shaved asparagus and zucchini with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and fresh mint from my pot. My mint leaves go everywhere, whether they are savory or sweet. The raspberries are not kilometer zero products because they really don't grow in our area. Just the same, I used the fresh ones that I crushed with some vinegar. It's so simple and healthy yet so good too. This salad is perfect until the hot summer days when you don't feel like lighting up anything in the kitchen - just combine these veggies together and your meal is done!

I created this Spring Green Veggie Salad with Crushed Raspberry Dressing recipe for She Knows. If you want to check out my other recipes there, check out my Profile Page. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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