3 Spring Mimosas for that Special Brunch

Start early with a good splash of bubbles in your glass. I am not speaking about pure chilled bubbly wines in the champagne flute, just half of it mixed with fruit juices, different kinds to make mimosas more fun to drink. Usually, I like pouring a good bottle of champagne or spumante (after all, I am in Italy) with fresh orange juice when I travel and stay in hotels that are attentive to certain breakfast details. A little corner for making mimosas in the breakfast buffet table is always appreciated!

Since spring has finally opened up and made life more bearable without the cold and more sunshine, warmth, colors and nature's bounties, it is such a pleasure to make recipes with fruits. I usually give you smoothies or cocktails (well, maybe this can also count as one) but this time, I dedicate this post to mimosas. A classic with a twist and some with new flavor combinations. All fruity and springlike to celebrate our new season.

Elderflower Mimosa with Raspberries and Basil 

Aside from bottles of wine, I hoard bottles of elderflower syrup from South Tyrol every summer. Its delicate floral aroma and flavor is so lovely to drink. For casual drinking with the kids, I prepare pitchers of cold elderflower juice filled with a lot of ice. They are so good to refresh after a long hike in the mountains. As for those relaxing afternoons or early evenings, a glass or two of Hugo cocktail is my favorite drink. It's a mixture of bubbly wine with elderflower, fresh mint and lime. With this favorite cocktail in mind, I created this Elderflower Mimosa that I mixed with fresh raspberries and basil. Like the Hugo, this mimosa is gentle on the floral & fruity hints and gives a lovely basil touch. Want to try it?

Blood Orange Mimosa with Balsamic Glaze

When winter strikes, one thing that engulfs my thoughts is when the blood oranges will come out. It depends on the variety but usually, they start coming out in mid-winter to early spring if you really want to have them sweet and red. The first few ones that come out in early winter make you wince from sourness at times. But since I am the impatient kind, and need to have a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice (blood orange if I can) in the mornings, I usually get the sour ones and do wince from their acidity. So you will best enjoy this Blood Orange Mimosa when the oranges are sweet from mid-winter to early spring, like right now! A dash of balsamic glaze (or an equal mixture of balsamic vinegar and honey) makes this mimosa a delicious spiked morning drink.

Tropical Passion Fruit and Lychee Mimosa

Tropical flavors mixed with bubbly wine? Why not? It is very different from the classic orange but passion fruit is always a great flavor and coupled with a more decisive taste of lychee, then expect an pleasant explosion of tropical hints. It's another kind of mimosa to try and maybe love too.

I hope these 3 mimosas will make your next brunch more enjoyable. Trying new flavors is always the fun part of eating and drinking, so enjoy! The recipes of all three are in one post in She Knows. Just click on the titles of the mimosas and you will reach the page. If you would like to see my other recipes in She Knows, just go to my Profile Page there and browse.

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