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23 April 2015

4 Easy Bruschetta with Spring Vegetables

My favorite season is spring. The transition from winter to warmer weather with bluer skies and splendid sunny days gives me more more energy to create new things in the kitchen. The fruits, vegetables and edible blossoms make an inspiring challenge to put them together to come up with new fresh flavors. It's that time when you spend longer time in the fresh produce stalls and you wish you can everything at the same time. In this case, I did have a reason to get more than what I needed because I created 4 new combinations of cheese, fruits, vegetables and fresh blossoms from my flowering herbs. The flavors are fresh and it's one of the best ways to celebrate the beautiful season ahead of us. Here are 4 easy bruschetta recipes (with link to She Knows) that I created what's available this season.


Bruschetta with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Gorgonzola and Rosemary

I love this combination (But I love all 4 anyway!) because of the sweetness that the sweet potatoes gave and the sharpness of the gorgonzola. I think what gave the sweet potatoes more flavor is that I roasted them in the oven. It gave a better and rounder flavor than if I just boiled it. Topped with fresh rosemary needles and blossoms (untreated please) and it becomes an amazing bite!


Bruschetta with Ricotta, Grapes Cooked in Port Wine, Spinach and Walnuts

Even if I am not a big fan of fresh cheese, I took a couple of bites of this bruschetta. I had to, because I loved everything else that I put in it. This is my husband's favorite because of the flavors that blend well together. I cooked the grapes in port wine because port gives a delectable flavor to fruits. You can make a bigger batch when you cook it because it is also great with vanilla ice cream or Greek yogurt. I do that to have a stock in the fridge for a quick dessert. And for a touch of something very healthy, I put some baby spinach and walnuts that also contributes to that perfect bite.


Bruschetta with Feta, Asparagus and Eggs

Among the 4, this has the most delicate flavor. I used feta to give it a nice start then I topped it with Parmigiano Reggiano, shaved fresh asparagus, grated hard boiled eggs. All the ingredients have subtle tastes so they go well together. Their tastes don't take over the other so you can be sure that you will get that delicate blend that you are expecting on that first bite.


Bruschetta with Goat Cheese, Orange Marmalade and Peas

I was curious about how this one was going to come out. I rarely use orange marmalades on anything, not even on my toast because I its sharpness a bit unpleasant so I knew that I might not like it. But what a great surprise this came out! It was delicious! This is one of the bruschette that my husband raves about. A bite for me was everything to tell you that, yes, it worked pretty well. For the goat cheese, use whatever you like. For this recipe, I used caprino, an Italian one. The peas I used are frozen because I find them much better than the canned ones. If you feel like shelling and blanching fresh peas, then better because they are the best ones that you can use. 

You can click here or on the title of each of the bruschetta to take you to the recipes in She Knows. For more of my recipes there, you can go to my Profile Page. Thanks and I hope you enjoy these spring bruschetta recipes!

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