Ginger and Lime Breaded Fried Chicken

After an unplanned long weekend away from home, over everything - a break from work, I am back with a fresher mind in continuing where I left off. Five days have been a lot in staying away from my blog but I think I needed it because I got to spend more time with myself and my family. There were a lot that needed noticing and one of them was how life rolls with my computer closed and being hundreds of kilometers away from my kitchen. Sometimes a little reminder can make a tenfold difference.

We went to some towns located in two central regions of Italy called Marche and Emilia-Romagna plus the Republic of San Marino, a small state inside Italy like the Vatican. There was also a Photowalk in Corinaldo, a small ancient village in Marche, the photos of which are in my Facebook. I took hundreds of photographs that are taking me long to go through and edit but as soon as I finish, I will be sharing them with you here. With this trip, I was inspired to focus on so many interesting places other than my daily food subjects. 

But I am back to share something edible to share. And I have to say that it is quite good too. Marinate the chicken overnight if you can so that the flavors can stick more. If you don't have so much time, then at least two hours can be good too. When you fry them, remember that the oil has to be hot and the ideal temperature is between 170 to 190 degrees C or 340 to 375 degrees F. Take a whiff of the delicious aroma of lime and lightly of ginger while you cook - it's the best part about this chicken recipe. 

You can eat this however way you want. Being marinated, they are tasty enough to enjoy without any sauce. I sometimes serve them with white rice and a soy-lemon sauce on the side. Baked potatoes are also great as accompaniment. Whatever your choice is, I hope you enjoy them. I created this Ginger and Lime Breaded Fried Chicken recipe for She Knows so you can get the full recipe there. Buon appetito!

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