String Bean, Potato and Tuna Salad

On the first day of the year, we all vowed to eat less and burn all the calories that wrapped us during the holiday of enjoying food. We closed our eyes and promised, with every bite, that we will go on a diet as soon as we set foot on 2014. Now that a month has already passed, are you still following your healthy routine? I sometimes do and sometimes I don't. You can't really look up to me as a health guru because I am also human, I succeed and I fail at times. I never stop to forget the importance of food and eating which is enjoying it.  Whether I am aware that that yummiest looking cheeseburger is going to give me 100 times more calories than I should get, at least it gave me happiness for a few minutes. I always believe in moderation. I eat everything (unless the doctor says no to something I shouldn't touch!) but I am quite strict on the moderation front. 

I don't see salads like a punishment for eating too much food that I should be avoiding. I like to see it as something to enjoy. That's what I am actually teaching my kids. The older one adores salads with his favorite balsamic vinegar (sometimes he prefers to have only salad for the whole meal, all 5 bowls of them!) and I am still working on my other little one who still avoids her greens like the plague. 

This could have been healthier if I didn't add the canned tuna but it's the one that gave the boost to the monotone of flavors of blanched and boiled vegetables. How else can we enjoy eating if we don't add exciting flavors to them? I simply dressed the salad with extra virgin olive oil and salt but if you prefer to have a tastier dressing, use your favorite kind of dressing. One of my favorites is mustard vinaigrette.

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