Kale & Beef Sautè With Parmesan

How did your weekend go? Did you celebrate Valentine's with a bang? The big day was on a Friday. It is our usual busiest day of the week with our kids' activities so my husband treated me and our daughter, his two girls, a day ahead, to a splendid lunch in a restaurant we had been meaning to try. The day came out so beautiful with the sun finally out and the sky so blue.

After continuous rains the past days, to see the clear, blue sky had been quite an emotional moment. It's true that the weather affects our moods. Like with the previous dark skies, I felt very gray & grumpy. And sleepy. Am I strange?

When it's raining a lot, I tend to cook less than normal. I rely on pizza & pasta take-outs or I cook snappy meals. One of my quick meals is this kale & beef sautè. It's so easy to prepare and it's very healthy too because there's a good balance of meat, vegetables & cheese with a quick tossing in the pan with extra virgin olive oil.

You will find the recipe at She Knows, a site where I create recipes.  Check it out at this link.  You will find my profile page at this link instead. Buon appetito!