Quick and Easy Garlic-Cognac Shrimp

Shrimp is my weakness. It's almost impossible for me to pass by a fishmonger's counter without buying those big red crustaceans. Really impossible. I love them cooked in the most simple way, shelled and cooked on a hot griddle or with the shells intact on a barbecue grill without anything, not even salt. That's the best way to enjoy the freshness of the shrimp. They can be so unbelievably sweet when you get the good ones. 

Aside from that simple treatment, I also love sautèing them in extra virgin olive oil with a lot of garlic then doused with wine or liquor. This time, I tossed my garlicky shrimp with cognac. It's fantastic and you can taste all 3 main ingredients! The shrimp, garlic & cognac. The bottle was taken from my husband's dwindling liquor cupboard.  I now have a bottle of my own in the liquor cupboard that I use for cooking because I used to pour his Remy Martin XO Excellence on my food freely without really thinking if it is special or not. Apparently it is, when I saw the price! So find out more about the liquor you pour on your food or you will feel sorry like me when you realize what you had been pouring liberally on your cooking!

You can find this recipe at She Knows, where I create recipes. Click on this link to get it. If you want to see my other recipes in their site, click on this other link. Thanks and enjoy your week! Buon appetito!

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