Bacon-Wrapped Baked Brie With Port Wine Cranberry Sauce

I don't jump for joy when confronted with fresh gooey cheese because I have this certain dislike of anything with strong milky aroma and taste. Brie included. But do scratch that away when the Brie is baked and mixed with port wine cranberry sauce. God, this appetizer is as lovely to the mouth as it sounds.

And to be honest, I did hesitate for the longest minutes imaginable before I dunked my breadstick in that gooey pool of melted warm cheese the first time. It was every non-dairy eater's nightmare staring back at me. Now that the ice is completely broken, I am zipping my limitations to dairy things with this recipe.

So to all dairy eaters, non-dairy eaters, Brie lovers, non-Brie lovers, you will have to dunk your crackers in this one too. It is something to sit down to and enjoy. This particular size is not even enough for me and my husband. I even had to scrape the cheese from the dish to get more. It's dangerously addictive!

Oh yes, I created this recipe for She Knows. You can click on this link to see it and if you are feeling curious, you can also click on this link to see the other recipes I developed for them. Buon appetito!

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