Plantain Pouches With Nougat & Rum Caramel Sauce

Deep fried bananas wrapped inside spring roll wrappers with melted nougat then drizzled with rum caramel sauce.  Just the sound of it makes me want to run straight to the kitchen and indulge in this sweet goodness.  The idea of creating these plantain pouches came when I had some extra spring roll wrappers that I had to finish.  Since they usually come frozen in Italy, I had to finish the whole pack after I defrost them.  I based this dessert on the traditional spring rolls in the Philippines called turon. I was thinking of using chocolates but when I saw that I had some nougat lying around the cupboard, I melted them then combined them with the bananas.  It was natural for my taste buds to ask for rum caramel sauce.  The combination worked very well and it was an explosion of lovely tastes together.  I love, love these plantain pouches.  

I developed this recipe for She Knows so you will have to go their site to access the recipe. If you want to see my other recipes in their site, please click on this link.  Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!