Mozzarella and Mushroom Spoon Appetizers

Time is always a problem for busy people who are working, studying, taking care of kids, running errands or whatever it is that's keeping us from slowing down.  Slowing down doesn't even exist in our vocabulary anymore.  Nowadays, it's a priceless luxury to sit on a comfortable armchair and read a book undisturbed for hours on end.  Sigh.


Quick and easy recipes are lifesavers.  They have saved me on uncountable times and I have come to rely on them when I am seriously pressed for time. This goes especially when we are expecting company on short notice.  Appetizers are always important when guests arrive.  Small portions of simply made food with champagne or cocktail while warming up for dinner give a good start for what's to be expected.  This is one idea that goes well on our table without taking too much time to prepare and sacrificing the flavors of the ingredients.  After all, you can't go wrong with a good mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and mushrooms, fresh or preserved. 

I know I sometimes tell you this but if you follow my blog, you should already know that I have a little corner at She Knows.  Please jump there for this simple appetizer recipe I created.  If you are interested to know what other recipes I have there, click on this link to go to the list.

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Have a wonderful week!