Fried Beef and Pork Spring Rolls

Fried meat spring rolls, typical Asian, so many versions and all delectable!  My version comes from my family, passed on to me through a succession of overseas calls and a number of modifications that sits well with my husband and kids. I like the addition of boiled mashed potatoes because it lessens the meaty aspect and gives the spring rolls a more pleasant balanced taste of meat, vegetables and condiments.  Eat them as is or with a variety of dipping sauces that takes your fancy like sweet & sour that you can already buy bottled, vinegar with salt & pepper or even ketchup like how my kids sometimes eat them.
It's a very easy recipe that even the kids can join in the fun of filling up & rolling.  Just make them stay away when the deep frying begins.  Deep fried food are not always heavy if you cook them at the right temperature (between 160° to 190° Celsius, depending on the size of the food to be fried & what kind it is) and if you always use fresh new oil with a high smoking point.  I always deep fry with peanut oil.  I find Corriere della Sera's article very useful for a quick education about deep frying (The text is in Italian. You can translate it in Google Translate.). Enjoy and have fun!  

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