Raspberry Basil Smoothie & Ice Pops and The Hiking Trail of Malga Ra Stua

Every stone, twig, insect and tree branch captivates the attention of both my kids while hiking.  I don't think I have noticed so much stones or branches at every single step we make before but I had to because both my kids find them fascinating.  But they are not satisfied at just looking at them.  They take them back to our chalet too.  And I'm the lucky one who carries all their prized stones and twigs in my backpack. 

After a few hikes, I smartened up.  I obliged my son to carry his own fanny pack and to make all his stones fit in it.  If they don't fit, they will be left behind. My daughter is easier to convince that she only needs a stone or two to take with her.  Her collection stays in my pocket or in my backpack.  My son got smarter though.  He found his hat to be a useful makeshift pouch to carry his excess stones.  Then he would slip a stone or two in my backpack too. 

My back and I are not so happy really but I remember being a kid too.  I was also attracted to smooth, shiny stones. I kept them for years and I am speaking about just a couple of beautiful stones. If I don't stop my son from amassing stones for his collection, he can relocate the Dolomites to our own backyard. He finds all stones interesting. That's the problem. 

After a long hike on a hot day, I needed something fast and easy to cool down. I usually have a pack of frozen berries in the freezer along with fresh ones in the fridge.  I dumped all the contents of the bag in the blender along with some sugar, water and a few fresh basil leaves and blended until smooth. The smoothie was wonderful.   

For the ice pops, I dropped a few fresh wild blueberries in the mold before I poured the raspberry liquid.  

Malga Ra Stua is a mountain shelter in Cortina d'Ampezzo at the Dolomites at 1,668 meters high.  It can be reached by car or walking.   We always take the car in going up and go to other mountain shelters from there.  It's a very pleasant walk and safe enough for kids. A small river runs through it and there are animals that walk around freely.   It's a little paradise. 

And we are concluding another week again.  Time flies so fast sometimes.  Here's wishing you a good weekend. 

Raspberry Basil Smoothie & Ice Pops

Makes 2 big (or 4 small) glasses of smoothies and 6 ice pops
  • 450 g. frozen raspberries (or fresh)
  • 750 ml. water
  • 125 g. sugar
  • around 8 basil leaves
  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender.  Blend until smooth.
  2. For the smoothies, pour in glasses.
  3. To make ice pops, pour the liquid in ice pop molds, cover and freeze until solid. 

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