Caligola Osteria Sincera: A Roman Restaurant Where You Can Find Authenticity and Quality in the Kitchen

As a tourist in Rome, it can be confusing to choose which restaurant to go to for Roman cuisine. There are a lot in the city but it's always in our interest to choose the ones that put quality in the forefront. Opened in October of 2022, one of the capital's best bet is Caligola Osteria Sincera located in the Prati, a very central area of Rome in proximity to the Vatican.

Caligola was born from the idea and experiences of a group of friends who are already with various activities in the restaurant sector. They have adopted the name Caligola, the eccentric Roman emperor who, according to legend, wanted to appoint his horse Incitatus, a consul. In addition to the Caligola, Osteria Sincera means the sincerity and the authenticity of the Roman dishes offered.

At Caligola Osteria Sincera, the Roman tradition is amplified on the table, focusing on traditional recipes, while sometimes they are revisited unveiled with a more modern presentation but keeping the flavors intact. "Not only Roman tradition, but also our tradition in fact on the menu there are dishes that tell of our childhood and our memories," the owners explained in unison.

The kitchen is entrusted to 35-year old Chef Anthony Morosillo, who, after more than 10 years in the kitchens of various restaurants in the capital, brings his experience to Caligola and he has embraced the project. Anthony is and has always advocated quality in his kitchen. The kitchen immediately proved to be greatly-accepted, with enthusiastic feedback from customers and a dining room that is always filled with diners. The kitchen is always active as the restaurant is open every day from 12 to midnight which is managed by Federica Moretto.

The Menu

Starting from an important search for raw materials, collaborating with both local and international entities of excellence, a menu was born that skillfully combines Roman cuisine and traditional cuisine, in all courses. The appetizers range from the classic Jewish artichoke to boiled Chupa Chups (fried beef meatballs) served with green sauce which is one of the best you can have. There is also the particular Kobe mortadella (made of beef) with chicory and pomegranate. Among the first courses, there are always the popular Roman pasta dishes, such as Amatriciana and Carbonara. The revisited tradition are found in stuffed pastas, such as tortelli stuffed with chicken cacciatora and ravioli stuffed with porchetta.

Long cooking for the second courses, with meatballs in sauce, lamb cooked in a pan over a low heat for 2-3 hours, the same time as the suckling pig in oil, cooked in the oven, then served with apples. And for saltimbocca lovers, they can find a special version at Caligola, with Patanegra. There is also the Cordon Bleu, a representative dish of the owners' childhood, made with smoked Scamorza.

The menu holds surprises, a result of constant experimenting and studying in the kitchen, keeping the familiar Italian flavors in every dish. At Caligola, there is a strong playful component, in the courses that aim to be fun and in the details wherein the food is always served on plates written lines. In addition, Amatriciana is playfully served with a bib because the rich tomato sauce can cause accidents in the diners' shirts. 

Appetizers are between €7 to €16, first plates of pasta and risotto at €13 to €16, main course at €15 to €25, and desserts at €6 to €12. The wine list mirrors the concept of the kitchen, meaning the proper pairing is thought of to best enjoy the dishes. The cellar has about 200 labels with bottles that are historical in the Italian wines, such as Sassicaia, but there are also natural, biodynamic, macerated. The work of Caligola's team reaches all the way to the vineyards, with Caligolino, their representative wine, born from the collaboration with Cantine Fabi di Marino: a white blend of 95% and Malvasia Puntinata at 5%; and red wine made with 100% Syrah. 

Caligola Osteria Sincera

Address: Via Leone IV 123, Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 3346823779
Open every day from 12 to midnight


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