Almatò: A Refined Restaurant in Rome Created by Three Rugby Mates That You Need to Check Out

It has been four years since friends and business partners Chef Tommaso Venuti, Manfredi Custureri and Alberto Martelli opened Almatò in 2020. Their friendship, which started in tackles in the rugby playing field and passion for good food, continues at Almatò where they wear different hats assuming various roles. Tommaso takes over the kitchen, Manfredi functions as the Restaurant Manager while Alberto makes the wine cellar his responsibility as well as the coordination of the dining room. True to a good teamwork like they do in the play field, they divide they work at the restaurant according to what they specialize in.

Almatò, an acronym that represents their names, is a refined 18-seat restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere in the area of Prati in Rome. The minimal style with a linear design of wood and metal in neutral tones of gray and black and blue highlights was designed by Tommaso, who took architectural studies at the university prior to culinary school. The environment is consistent with the kitchen, respecting the canons of sharpness and straightforwardness. With the toned down setting and a good play of lighting, the spotlight is reserved on the dishes served on the table.

Tommaso, Manfredi and Alberto

Tommaso, born in 1992, inherited his love for cooking from the two branches of his family, the Italian and the Brazilian one. After attending Alma International School of Italian Cuisine, one of Italy’s best culinary school located in Colorno, he subsequently worked in the kitchen of two Michelin-starred Villa Crespi Relais & Chateaux of Antonino Cannavacciuolo which was then followed by a year in one Michelin-starred Marcus Restaurant in London of Marcus Wareing. Back in Rome, he joined the court of chefs of Heinz Beck of three Michelin-starred La Pergola for four years.

Manfredi, born in Rome in 1988, is a graduate of Economics at LUISS in Rome. He passion for cooking and catering came out when he worked for his in-laws' beach establishment in Argentario in Tuscany. He combines his knowledge in management along with his love for good food in directing the path to managing the restaurant. Alberto, born in 1994, was raised in a family of restaurateurs of four generations. His family's activity, La Carbonara is a historic restaurant in Campo de' Fiori in Rome. In his early twenties, he decided to transform his passion into work, combining the management of the restaurant with courses on wine and restaurant management.

The Evolution of Almatò

Their philosophy focusing on the quality and valorization of raw materials remains embedded in the core of Almatò. There is research on how to play with the textures to exploit the full potential of each ingredient. Tommaso's kitchen has a linear trait which concentrates on flavors and characterized by precision. The raw ingredients are kept to a minimum with the aim of being recognizable in the palate despite the complexities of their technical preparation. Fundamentally, there is absolute respect for the raw materials whose characteristics are amplified, one by one, like a voyage, and never shrouded by other flavors.

"Our cuisine has changed a lot over time: we focus on ideas characterized by the union between research and tradition, now working on dishes with an intense and at the same time refined taste, but without forgetting who we are, therefore bringing with us the value of tradition," underlines Tommaso Venuti.

Asked by Tommaso how his kitchen has evolved in a matter of four years, my answer was, there was more clarity in the enhancement of his years of practice and perseverance in attaining his personal style - decidedly refined, filled with creativity, stripped from unnecessary frills and most importantly, a pleasure to take the voyage which he had shared in his plates.

The Menu

There are three tasting itineraries, with 5, 7 and 9 courses respectively at €75, €100 and €120 and with à la carte choices. At Almatò, the "Rule of Three" applies, a principle that suggests that things grouped in threes are inherently more satisfying, more memorable, and effective than other numbers of things. To characterize a menu capable of arousing the curiosity of every enthusiast, there are three options for each type of course. The à la carte prices vary per entry but you are looking at appetizers and first plates of pasta and risotto around €22 to €29, main courses around €38 to €40, and desserts at €14. As seasons change, the proposals also change. An appetizer that can catch your attention would be the cauliflower in different consistencies while for the first course, the tagliatella with rabbit, beurre blanc with orange and olives is a perfectly construed classic dish with such finesse and balance in flavors. Gianni, a mainstay dessert that has been present since the opening of the restaurant. It's a tribute to Manfredi (Gianni for his friends) that epitomizes his passions - cigars and gianduja.

Almatò is not just about a great cuisine. It also gives detailed attention to the dining service by the team led by Riccardo Robbio, maître and sommelier. Born in Campania in 1989, who has come to this new professional challenge after important stints at Kai Mayfair in London, Imàgo at Hassler, La Pergola Rome Cavalieri and Pipero in Rome. The proposals in pairing the dishes covers a wine list of over 100 labels that are not only Italian but also from other parts of the world like Spain and New Zealand, chosen with the main guideline of quality. 


Address: Via Augusto Riboty 20/C, 00195 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 69401146
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays, 19:30 to 22:30


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