Domenico Marotta and His Impeccable Signature Cuisine at Marotta Ristorante in Squille, Campania

Villa La Collinetta is a beautiful villa in the town of Squille (Alto Caserta) in the Campania region. From the eighties, it has hosted unforgettable events of special milestones of its clients. Indoors, there’s a large restaurant that serves traditional food while outdoors, there’s a green park accessed by foot paths, tall trees of birch, oak and palm grace the edges, a manicured lawn, a swimming pool with glistening aquamarine water and a lone wisteria tree that brightens the garden with its vibrant violet flowers. This is the environment that Domenico Marotta’s parents have instilled into him as he grew up.

Being a part of a family from a catering business, Domenico’s passion for the culinary science has deep roots. Experience and curiosity took him to a profound yearning for more knowledge and experimentation. Going around the world working in various important kitchens for twelve years reinforced his desire and technique to take out his own personality in the kitchen. In Italy, he worked with renowned starred chefs like Andrea Berton, Alfio Ghezzi and Enrico Crippa. In France, he spent a few years in Paris in the kitchens of big names in the French cuisine such as Alain Passard and Eric Frechon. But experience alone in these kitchens didn’t stop him from a much ample path of discovery as he went to Finland, Belgium, South America and Asia with a period spent at the kitchen of multi-awarded Seiji Yamamoto.

In June of 2019, he created his own small space in one corner of his parents’ villa, Villa La Collinetta, and called it simply with his last name, Marotta Ristorante. This is the place where he narrates to his guests his sense of a cuisine with dishes that loudly amplifies his flawless techniques, choice of raw materials and the elegance of presentation. He is one of the chefs who has the capacity to take his diners into a journey of flavors that evoke his territory enriched with the path of his personal experience in various parts of the world.

Taking out the best expression in the seasonal ingredients of high quality is a priority in Domenico’s kitchen. He favors sourcing from the small producers to further recount his territory in the plates. While he uses various raw materials from meat to seafood, he shows a special flair for vegetables from appetizers to desserts. He cultivates a vegetable garden near the restaurant, a source of materials that he has personally taken cared of from its growth in the soil until being a part of a composition in his plates.

Marotta offers Radici&Innesti, three tasting itineraries that differ in the number of courses from five (€60 with option of wine pairing at €35); seven (€75 with option of wine pairing at €45); and nine (€90 with option of wine pairing at €50). À la carte menu is also available with four options per course. Appetizers are between €14 to €18, first courses of pasta and risotto at around €21, main courses at around €30.

Marotta Ristorante

Address: Via Marrochelle,52, 81010 Squille (CE), Italy

Tel: +39 3495419274



Open for lunch and dinner except Mondays and Tuesdays