Casa Coppelle in Rome Redefines its Italian - French Cuisine With New Chef Gabriele Cordaro

"Before we had a shirt, now a suit," declares Rachele Guenot, owner of Casa Coppelle, an Italian-French restaurant that opened its doors to the capital in 2009. This brand new spirit was brought about by the arrival of the new chef, Gabriele Cordaro, in the kitchen. The cuisine of Casa Coppelle is primarily Italian with French influence as pointed out by Guenot, a French woman who has been living in Rome for more than a decade. "Italian and French cuisines are undoubtedly the best cuisines in the world and neither can exist without the other. If Paris is Sunday lunch, rich and opulent, Rome represents simplicity at the table every day," says Guenot.

Gabriele Cordaro is an Italian chef in his late thirties who had years of experience in starred restaurants in Italy after his culinary course at Gambero Rosso Academy at the age of 26. Work has taken him to Modena at Massimo Botttura's multi-awarded Osteria Francescana and in Rome, he worked in the starred kitchens of Giulio Terrinoni's Per Me, Cristina Bowerman's Glass and Heinz Beck's triple Michelin-starred La Pergola as a Head Chef. With his proficiency, he arrived at the kitchen of Casa Coppelle in the autumn of 2022 with a new vision for the restaurant's kitchen.

Chef Cordara's distinctiveness is presented in a 5-course tasting itinerary at €160 (€270 with wine pairing) where both gastronomic countries meet to offer the customer a culinary journey, and in the à la carte menu, consisting of six dishes per course, between €17 to €37 and desserts at an average of €13. It is a comprehensive cuisine that covers a wider range of tastes: red and white meats, game, vegetables, fish and gluten-free proposals. The proposals are well-researched in all aspects from the kitchen to the table: for the raw materials used, the preparation techniques and the presentation of the dishes. He describes his cooking as gourmet and fun with an inclination to include everyone which is why he is currently studying a tasting menu geared towards the vegetarians.

Decidedly, Casa Coppelle, with its 70-seat capacity was designed with such sumptuous sophistication in shades of black and gold accentuated with reproductions of 17th to 18th century paintings and plush velvet seats. Everything is the result of the creative flair of the renowned French architect and interior designer Jacques Garcia, best known for his lavish contemporary interiors of Parisian hotels and restaurants like the Hôtel Costes, La Réserve Paris, Maison Souquet and L'Hôtel, as well as Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech and The NoMad in New York. He is an institution in the high-end interior designing whose signature has arrived at Casa Coppelle which is the only project he curated in all of Italy.

Casa Coppelle is a fine dining restaurant that epitomizes refinement going hand in hand with high cuisine. Along with the menu, there are 450 wine labels to pair them with. The dishes of French inspiration mixed with the substance of the territory such as: Ombrina, pesto “alla Trapanese” and vichyssoise; plin with ricotta, lemon, artichokes, Pecorino and mint; beef fillet between Rome and Paris with amatriciana sauce; and la bouillabaisse, local fish soup flavored with Pernod and brioche bread. The chef's signature dish is the Linguine, mustard, lime and raw scallops. It is a plate where his memories are at play, revisiting flavors from a recipe of his father that he gave a contemporary identity.

Casa Coppelle is not just a fine dining restaurant but it is also a place that stands out among all others for having embraced initiatives of charitable causes with the Ospedale Bambino Gesù and Binario 93 with which they feed hundreds of homeless people.

Casa Coppelle

Address: Piazza delle Coppelle 49, 00186 Roma (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 06 68891707