The Food and Wine Excellence of Lazio Region at Proloco Trastevere in Rome, Italy

When you want to get to know the enogastronomical products of the region of Lazio, there is one much preferred address to go to in the zone of Trastevere in Rome. Proloco Trastevere, opened at the end of 2018 by Vincenzo Mancino, his wife Elisabetta Guaglianone and friends Marco Natoli and Alessandro Salatino, is centered on the traditional dishes of the territory and selected food and wine products of Lazio that promote the excellence of the territory and tradition made by artisan producers.

“Food is a conscious choice for the planet’s and our own health, in favour of an economy that encourages agriculture, territory and tradition,": this is the philosophy that Proloco Trastevere’s owners pursue every day.

Proloco Trastevere is the latest creation of Vincenzo Mancino, founder of the restaurant format "Proloco", that already includes two other restaurants in Rome. Proloco DOL - Centocelle (via Domenico Panaroli, 35) and Pinciano (via Bergamo, 18).

Who is Vincenzo Mancino?
Vincenzo Mancino opened the first organic restaurant in the capital in 2002. Being a great expert of the production and processing of cured meat and dairy products, he has engaged in the promotion and protection of small agricultural realities through business projects like the shop/restaurant Proloco DOL and Cibo Agricolo Libero, a cheese laboratory inside the Female Division of the Roman Prison Rebibbia. Mancino is also the inventor of the quality brand D.O.L. (Di Origine Laziale or Of Lazio Origin in English), which since 2005 has been involved in selecting and distributing the food and wine excellence of the Lazio region. Through his activity, he has promoted the revival of small producers destined to closure, safeguarding the rare top quality products.

Sunday Brunch

One of the most interesting proposals of Proloco Trastevere is their Sunday Brunch. It's the first of its kind that dedicates a full table of the products of small artisan producers of the D.O.L. selection. Starting from 12 noon to 15:30, every Sunday, the brunch is served, made up of a wide range of cheese and cured meat from Lazio, vegetable dishes of the season, other hot and cold specialties, a choice of a first or second course and the dessert of the day.

Aperitif 7 Bites

Between 17:00 to 20:00, they also offer an aperitif menu composed of 7 kinds of tasting of typical products, as well as tasting dishes which change periodically according to the chef's inspiration. The food is accompanied bu a choice of wine, beer or signature cocktails crated by Barman Christian Novacco.

Lunch and Dinner

While the lunch menu is simplified, the dinner menu becomes more elaborate and extensive with more dishes to choose from. The kitchen is under the care of Chefs Francesco Minutillo and Luca Salatino. Aside from that, the wood-fired pizza oven is also turned on at dinner time which is manned by Pizzamaker Alessandro Splendori. A must try are the proposals of Cured Meat and Cheese Platters for two which average at €16, especially the Platter of Mortadella of Black Pork and Mangalica Pork.  Warm dishes of Organic Legume Soup (€8), and variations of Cocotte with Smoked Scamorza Cheese (€8 to €10) are also delicious proposals for appetizer.

The first course entries of pasta (€12 to €15) mainly come from the local tradition like the Carbonara with Organic Free Range Eggs, Mezzo Rigatone Amatriciana, Fresh Pici Pasta with White Ragù of Mangalica Pork, and the Fresh Pici with Anchovies from Gaeta, Blue-Veined Butter and Crispy Breadcrumbs. For the second courses of meat and fish (€13 to €25), some of the proposals are the Mangalica Pork with Apple Cream and Cloves (€20), Mangalica Pork Steak Grilled in the Josper Charcoal Oven (€22), Pottimarron Pumpkin with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Crispy Parsnip, Vegetables in Demi-Glace (€14) and the Josper Grilled Beef Steak (€25).

With the 72-hour leavening, the pizzas at Proloco Trastevere are light and highly-digestible. The choices of traditional and innovative pizzas are very interesting with reasonable prices between €8 to €12. Called Poker di D.O.L. (€10), their version of Four Cheeses has an addition of lime zest on top, Zucca & Lardo (€13) has cream of pumpkin, Mangalica lard and Pecorino cheese fondue or a traditional Capricciosa (€12), Margherita Funky (€9), La Gricia (€11.50) and L'Amatriciana (€11).

The wine list comprised of labels which tell the story of Latium and the rest of the peninsula. Importance is given to the wines Triple “A”, farmers, artisans and artists; authentic products, expression of histories of people who grow vineyards respecting nature’s cycles.

Some of the proposals for Dessert (€5) are Tiramisù, Sour Cherry and Ricotta Cheese Crumble, and the delicious Chocolate Pain Perdu Aromatized with Laphroaig Whiskey and Cream.

Photos by: Rowena Dumlao - Giardina and Passionfruit Hub

Proloco Trastevere

Via Goffredo Mameli, 23
00153 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 4559 6137
Open on Tuesdays to Saturdays for lunch, aperitif, dinner and Sunday brunch (12:00 to 15:00) / Closed on Mondays and Sunday evenings.