Sensorial Gourmet Experience at Hotel Tiber in Fiumicino, Italy

Eating is defined as taking in food through the mouth: ingesting, chewing and swallowing in turn. It's a part of our daily living that we all go through routinely. But what if we slow down, look at it in a qualitatively profound way and employ all our senses in approaching it? The five senses will bridge the reinforcement in experiencing eating where food can be assimilated in a completely disparate manner to rediscover the pleasure of savoring it fully.

At Tiber Roof 41°, the rooftop restaurant of Hotel Tiber in Fiumicino, Chef Agostino Valente and Manager Mauro Di Villo designed together a sensorial gourmet dinner  to give their guests a definition of stimulating the senses in comprehending the excellence of food accompanied by selected drinks. It's a sensorial journey where the senses take fundamental roles in a distinctive method of acquaintance with the food served in front of you. 

The dinner starts with exceptional dishes of appetizers accompanied by cocktails concocted by the mastery of Di Villo served at the bar. Be it blindfolded to dim off the sense of sight and augment the remaining four in determining the food that Chef Valente prepared with detailed attention, or rubbing aromatic liquid in between the palms to provide a trace of scent that recalls memories or gives a clue of what is about to come, the whole experience is an introduction to a very interesting interactive gourmet journey.

The main dinner takes place on the dining table with the provision of headphones that plays soothing instrumental music reminiscent of the sea which at the same time mutes external distractions. The concept is to acquaint yourself with the food and wine with just your thoughts and music accompanying you.

The Sensorial Gourmet Dinners are organized once a month and advanced booking is required. To keep yourself up to date with the dates, refer to their website and Facebook page.

For the regular menu of Tiber Roof 41°, Appetizers average at €15, Salads, Bread and Platters of Local Cured Meat and Cheese (€22) between €10 to €22, First Course of Pasta and Risotto between €12 to €16, Main Courses of Meat and Fish at €14 to €22, and Desserts at €8. Classic dishes like Fried Calamari and Shrimp (€14), and Tonnarello Cacio e Pepe (€12) are available. For a more adventurous gastronomic dinner, the Chef's Tasting Menu (€50) comprised of 5 courses and a glass of wine is a very interesting option.

Tiber Roof 41°

Hotel Tiber
Via della Torre Clementina, 276
00054 Fiumicino (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 06 65048255

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