Dining with a Spectacular Lake View at Croma_Lago in Ronciglione

The picturesque view of the shimmering Lake Vico surrounded by the Cimini Mountains captivates you upon entry to the glass enclosed Croma_Lago Restaurant. The splendidness of the landscape with its play of colors is the quintessence of calm and beauty, best enjoyed with a cuisine that identifies the environs laid out in front of you. Chef Andrea Fanti and his team have brought about a menu which showcases the bond with the territory through its local produce and raw materials creating a harmony between nature and the kitchen.

Educated at Campus Etoile Academy, an important culinary school in Tuscania, Chef Fanti embarked on a profound studying of learning modern techniques and the complex world of gastronomy where he emerged as one of the most promising students. With professional experience, determination, hard work and utmost love for cooking from a young age, he excelled in his endeavors and even took one step more by giving guidance to his fellow professionals in the restaurant sector. In collaboration with Leroy Ceccarelli, they created Texture, a group of restaurant professionals in the kitchen and in the dining area wherein young people with culinary talents can have the possibility to take out their talents.

Opened not long ago, Croma_Lago Restaurant is located inside the 4-star San Soucis Relais & Spa Hotel in the town of Ronciglione fronting Lake Vico. Expect a cuisine that emphasizes the excellence of the quality of the ingredients from the territory, worked on with innovative cooking techniques and artfully presented.

The Appetizers (€8 to €11) include classics like Pappa col Pomodoro (€8) and a tasty Poached Egg with 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano and Porcini Mushroom (€9). The First Courses of Pasta and Risotto (€10 to €12) like the excellent Sardinian Fregula with Crustacean Soup (€12). Main Courses (€13 to €20) include Beef Cheek, Potatoes, Chard and Onion (€14) and Black Cod alla Puttanesca (€16). Desserts are priced at €6. There are also some simple proposals for children (€8 to €10) like Pasta with Tomatoes, Veal Cutlet and Hamburger. There are 2 Tasting Menus available: €35 for a 3-course meal including wine pairing and €50 for a 5-course meal including wine pairing.

Croma_Lago Restaurant

Via dei Noccioleti, 18

01037 Ronciglione (VT), Italy

Tel: +39 392 2338174

Open for lunch and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, lunch on Sundays and dinners on Thursdays. Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.