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15 May 2019

Diamoci un Taglio 2019: A Celebration of Italian Monovarietal Wines in Rome, Italy

Meaning "Let Give it a Cut, Let's Drink it Pure," Diamoci un Taglio Beviamoli in Purezza presented its very first edition in Rome on the 12th and 13th of May 2019, a two-day tasting event of wines obtained from single vine varieties that are normally used in blends. The event was conceptualized by La Pecora Nera, a publishing house that specializes in the creation of food and wine guides which includes themed events, and Pasquale Livieri, the founder of the famous Roman wine shop Il Sorì and Matière Bar-à-Vìn.

"In recent years the world of wine has experienced a real exploit of events that concern it, with producers chosen according to the most diverse criteria, from belonging to a territory to adherence to a particular production philosophy. With 'Diamoci un Taglio, Beviamoli in Purezza' we wanted to give voice to many excellent expressions of vines normally and historically used in blends, to let the general public know the poetry that there may be behind a Grechetto or a Canaiolo, to make two examples," states Simone Cargiani of La Pecora Nera and adds, "In choosing the producers we have decided not to put stakes, involving both 'traditional' wineries and 'naturalist fundamentalists' but keeping the bar high on the participants' quality level".

To Pasquale Livieri, the task of choosing the range of representative companies from all over the Italian territory that will take part in the first edition of Diamoci un taglio. "The fundamental criterion for participation in the market fair is the realization of at least one wine produced with one of the vines that in the past were used as cut grapes vinified in purity," Livieri specifies.

Around thirty producers from all over Italy were in attendance presenting their monovarietal wines which are mostly obtained from autochthonous grapes.

Alla Costiera di Gamba Filippo (Veneto) | Moscato
Azienda Agricola Ciucci (Lazio) | Malvasia
Barone di Serramarrocco Azienda Agricola (Sicilia) | Grillo
Cantina Bacco (Lazio) | Cacchione
Cantina Giara (Puglia) | Malvasia
Cantina Imperatori (Lazio) | Trebbiano
Cantina Poggio Cavallo (Umbria) | Cabernet Franc
Cantina San Biagio Vecchio (Emilia Romagna) | Centesimino
Domus Hortae (Puglia) | Uva di Troia
Etnella (Sicilia) | Nerello Mascalese
Vini Gagliardi (Marche) | Ciliegiolo
Quercete - Sapori del Matese (Campania) | Pallagrello
Madrevite (Umbria) | Trebbiano Spoletino
Masseria Felicia (Campania) | Piedirosso
Masseria Perugini - Azienda Agricola e B&B (Calabria) | Guarnacino
Milziade Antano Fattoria Colleallodole (Umbria) | Grechetto
Ômina Romana (Lazio) | Cabernet Franc
Perticaia Cantina Winery (Umbria) | Trebbiano Spoletino
Podere Fontesecca (Umbria) | Ciliegiolo
Rabottini - Prodotti di Campagna (Abruzzo) | Trebbiano
SanVitis (Lazio) | Bellone
Sassotondo (Toscana) | Ciliegiolo
Tenuta Bellafonte (Umbria) | Trebbiano Spoletino
Tenuta Olim Bauda (Piemonte) | Freisa
Tenute Martarosa (Molise) | Tintilia
Terre di Maté Stefania Carrea (Piemonte) | Cortese
Terre Margaritelli (Umbria) | Grechetto
Traerte - Vadiaperti (Campania) | Coda di Volpe
Vigne del Pellagroso (Lombardia) | Rondinella
Vinica (Molise) | Tintilia

In connection with the monovarietal theme of the event, Simona Cognoli of Oleonauta dedicated an Oleoteca corner where 30 monovarietal extra virgin olive oils by different producers from various parts of Italy were presented for tasting. A few producers and distributors of food, amari and distillates were also in attendance like AB Selezione Italian Spirits (distillates), Amaro Formidabile (amari), Fruttanuda (jams and preserves), DOL - Di Origine Lazio (cheese and salumi), Tommàt Caffè (coffee), and Fonte Egeria (water).

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