Il Capriccio di Carla Gelateria in Rome Turns 10 Years Old!

It was on the 9th of May in the year 2009 when Carla D'Ambrosio opened her artisan gelateria in the zone of Pigneto in Rome. From being an employee at the postal office, she left her work as she chose to follow her lifetime passion of making gelato. It was decided on a whim, perhaps also a selfish act, but it was for a good reason because she did it to give her son the best for his future.

Ten years later, she enjoys continuous success with her gelato plus with a second gelateria in the heart of Rome. Being located in a side street of the main artery Via Nazionale in Rione Monti, also the international clients have access to her creations.

Spending a childhood in contact with nature in her native Italian region Abruzzo with the presence of farm animals and and olive groves, her outlook in making her gelato is about using fresh products, natural ingredients with the best quality. So forget about the commercial shortcuts of semi-finished, powdered bases artificial thickeners, hydrogenated fats, or dyes because they never touch her gelato. Behind every gelato, there is the basic simplicity of the ingredients in their excellence: milk, eggs, cream and sugar. And she follows the correct seasons for the fruit flavors to take out their best qualities. In addition to the primary ingredients, Carla chooses Valrhona for the chocolate, hazelnuts from Piedmont, and pistachios from Bronte, Sicily.

The most representative of her flavors is aptly called Il Capriccio di Carla, a combination of almonds with orange, sweet salted milk and praline peanuts. Special mention to the Opera, a zabaione based gelato with crumbled meringue and caramel sauce. There is also the Exotic Elixir, a combination of yogurt, passion fruit and pistachios.

Carla D'Ambrosio's gelato is considered one of the best in Rome and get special mentions by the gastronomic guidebooks. If the Pigneto shop is not accessible, there is always the one in the side street of Via Nazionale. Open daily from noon to midnight.

Il Capriccio di Carla



Piazzale Prenestino, 30/31

00176 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 370 7035348


Via Agostino Prenetis, 61

00184 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 4880850