Terrawine Festival 2019: Wine, Oil and the Land of Umbria

Terrawine Festival, a two-day event that celebrated the beautiful land of Umbria took place at the 10th-century Castle of Titigliano on the 11th and 12th of May 2019. The castle from the Medieval period is immersed in the picturesque soft green hills with neat rows of vineyards that  overlooks the serene Lake Corbara. A project of Centro Turistico Amerino (CTA) headed by Salvatore Alfieri, it was a weekend of discovering what this central region is capable of giving with its rich land and culture. In the program were walk around and guided tastings of wine, oil and artisan products, and discussions about specific subjects on agriculture, tourism and art.

Among the guests of Terrawine Festival on the first day was Carlo Noro, a notable expert in biodynamic agriculture in Italy with years of experience in tending his land in Piglio where he cultivates grapes for winemaking and vegetables. The highlight of his discussion was the use of ground-buried cow horns filled with manure for effective farming. A rather peculiar system but the substance that is dug up becomes a fundamental biodynamic antidote for treating the soil naturally with the use of zero chemicals.

In addition, there was also the presentation of the Orvieto DOC Classico of Le Guide di Repubblica, a guidebook with a full approach to the wine production zone of Orvieto DOC in Umbria. The book covers twenty four wine producers of the area, tips on where to dine and sleep as well as twelve recipes containing Orvieto DOC wines created by the famous chefs of the area. Notable was the masterclass dedicated to tasting some prestigious French and Italian sparkling wines guided by Master Sommelier ALMA AIS Vania Valentini.

On the 12th of May, there were more seminars and presentations dedicated to wine, oil and art curated by experts on the field namely Cristiana Lauro, Marta Cotarella, Andrea Valigi, Gilberto Santucci, Angela Canale, Ruggero Giuliani, Elisabetta Rogai, Nerina Di Nunzio, Marta Zoffoli, Angelika Leik and Chiara Soldati.

Terrawine Festival was sponsored by the Municipality of Orvieto, MUVIS Museo del Vino e delle Scienze Agroalimentari, Umbria Top, Assoprol, Maratona dell'Olio and Consorzio Vini Montefalco. There was also the collaboration of La Scolca, Cotarella Family, Frantoio Guardea, WWF and Trekking Monti Amerini.

Terrawine Festival

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