Notable Dining at Dionisio Ristorante in Benevento (Campania), Italy

Dionisio Ristorante and Dionisio Bistrot are quite well-known in the city of Benevento for their food and wine. The restaurant is located at a side street from the main artery of the city while the bistrot, the more casual dining, is located right on the main pedestrian road of Benevento. Both locations are just a few meters apart from each other.

For a more particular dining experience, the restaurant has more distinctiveness to offer right from the characteristic entrance to the vaulted stone ceilings in the dining rooms. Spacious inside, it can accommodate sixty guests easily. In contrast with the old structure, the main dining room of the restaurant is furnished minimally with modern white decors. 

The restaurant was born from the passion and experience of Dionisio Mignone and his wife, Chef Adriana Pawlick. The kitchen is led by Adriana who proposes innovative dishes with influences from the traditional tastes of the region and main focus on the the quality of the ingredients. Meat, seafood, and vegetables are all given imaginative and refined combinations of flavors that make the menu an inspiring gastronomic adventure. With the commendable cuisine of Adriana, the wine selection at Dionisio is also noteworthy. There's a multitude of labels from some of the best wineries in Italy as well as abroad. Dionisio's father, Vincenzo, was a great wine enthusiast and had accumulated quite a selection of fine wines in the cellar.

The menu has meat, seafood and vegetable entries. The appetizer prices are between €8 to €13, the pasta and risotto dishes between €11 to €14, the main dishes between €13 to €20 but expect more for the Prussian steaks from the Mazury region of Poland (ex Prussia) at around €6 per 100 grams. The vegetable side dishes, cheeses and desserts are all at €6 each. Two tasting menus are available, both with five courses - Land (Terra) at €35 and Sea (Mare) at €42.

Dionisio Ristorante

Via Alfonso de Blasio, 3
82100 Benevento (BN), Italy
Tel: +39 0824 43734