Cocktails at Ostuni's Ancient Alley: Riccardo Caffè in Puglia, Italy

The cobblestone alleys of Ostuni, the ancient White City of Puglia, reverberate with life in summer as the restaurants and bars take over the little corners of the narrow streets with tables, chairs and bean bags. With the backdrop of white walls and cobblestones, the colors spilled all over the town create a unique and beautiful contrast of modern life in an ancient city.

At the historical center, one of the popular places to head to is Riccardo Caffè, built in 1999 by Riccardo Semerano. Located inside a three-room building in white stone from the 13th century, Riccardo Caffè is simply decorated with a sea of white bean bags and low glass tables inside. Formerly an ancient mill, the stone floors, uneven stone walls, and high ceilings have a very particular architecture giving an impression that you are inside a cave. Outside, gray bean bags and low glass tables spill over the narrow staircases of the alley.

A wide array of cocktails, still and bubbly wines, liquors are served with some quick appetizers and dishes. It's worth a stop for cocktails and music with a particular ambience.

Riccardo Caffè

Via G. Tanzarella Vitale, 6
72017 Ostuni (BR), Italy

Tel: +39 0831 306046