La Riserva di Martignanello: The Best Roman Lake View Lunch

Rome is not just about historical monuments from the ancient Roman times. It is also a great place to see hidden natural gems, if you know which direction to look and which road to traverse. Just about 25 kilometers from the northern part of Rome, one of Rome's secret places is La Riserva di Martignanello, a restaurant stone farmhouse with a breathtaking view of the Martignano Lake, the smaller and lesser known sibling of Bracciano Lake. Immersed inside the Regional Natural Park of Martignano, the whole area has been set to preserve the wildlife in its surroundings. Along with the preservation of the area, there is an ascending 2-kilometer unpaved bumpy white road that leads to the farmhouse.

The white road opens up to a clearing where the restaurant farmhouse is positioned in the middle of a flat, grass-covered area. The best part is when you enter the stone house and cross its main hall. The terrace, furnished with rustic wooden tables opens up to a spectacular view of the Martignano Lake. On a clear day with a blue sky, the waters of the lake boasts the beauty of its whole length of six kilometers and surrounded by soft grassy knolls. During the warm season, the lake has a flurry of activities and it's the perfect place to spend the days with the whole family - kids and adults, there's always something for everyone. The restaurant is open all-year round with indoor dining during the colder months. 

La Riserva di Martignanello recently changed reformatted its kitchen with a new team of young chefs and as a result, a brand new menu that showcases kilometer zero ingredients and flavors influenced by territorial dishes. Guiding the kitchen are Chefs Giulia Teverini and Giuseppe Caliendo who breathe creative ideas to their proposals, lightened up with their styles of cooking and respect seasonality of what they use. It's a whole new kitchen concept to embrace after the restaurant's previous classic fare. 

The menu proposals start from the appetizers with a price range of €7 to €10, pasta dishes from €10 to €12, meat or fish main dishes between €14 to €18 and desserts pegged at €6. In the autumn 2018 menu, don't miss the Baccala Mantecato con Confettura di Limone e Mirto e Cialda di Pane (Baccala Creamed with Lemon and Myrtle Jam and Bread Waffle), Collo di Suino, Bbq Artigianale e Pannocchie Arrostite (Pork Neck, Artisan Barbecue Sauce and Roasted Corn on the Cob) and conclude it with the Red Velvet con Crema di Formaggio, Lime e Zenzero (Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese, Lime and Ginger).

La Riserva di Martignanello

Strada Valle di Baccano, 29
00063 Campagnano di Roma (RM), Italy
Tel: +39 335 7321261
Open: Friday dinner / Saturday lunch & dinner / Sundays lunch
Note: At this moment, the restaurant only accepts cash