The Young Star Chef of Kirchsteiger Restaurant in Foiana (South Tyrol), Italy

Chef Christian Pircher, proprietor of Kirchsteiger Hotel and Restaurant in the town of Foiana/Völlan in South Tyrol has received a multitude of awards for his culinary skills, making him the most promising youngest chef in South Tyrol. A native of Foiana, a small town above Lana, he keeps his family's tradition of the hotel and restaurant activities. Having a father who is a chef and growing up in the practice of foraging for wild herbs for cooking, his passion has evidently naturally sprouted from his genes.

Christian is a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE), an association of the best and youngest haute cuisine European chefs who respect the local gastronomic heritage and at the same time instill the creativity and innovation of modern cuisine in their kitchens. 

Foiana is located just above Lana at about 700 meters above sea level and is often referred to as a climatic spa because of its sloping wonderful sun-drenched position. And in this small alpine town, Christian finds his niche between nature and his kitchen. He is a chef who believes about the seasonality of the produce, that nature always provides the right raw materials at the right time. The kitchen of Kirchsteiger is focalized on the traditional South Tyrolean cuisine but with influences of Mediterranean and modern culinary inspirations. Selecting ingredients with the highest quality and using them in the right season is foremost in his guiding principles of cooking. 

The menu proposals vary according to the season with the availability of meat, freshwater fish, seafood and vegetables. Appetizer entries range between €15 to €17, pasta dishes between €13 to €17, and main courses between €23 to €28. Tasting menus are also available at €54 for 4 courses and €66 for 6 courses. The menu is accompanied by 400 wine labels to choose from. 

Kirchsteiger Restaurant

Via Propst Wieser, 5

39011 Foiana, Lana (BZ), Italy

Tel: +39 0473 568044