A Michelin Star in the Vineyards: Ristorante Marennà in Sorbo Serpico (Campania), Italy

In the middle rolling hills of the Campanian Apennines lies Feudi di San Gregorio Estate, a futuristic rectangular structure created in 2004 by renowned Japanese architect Hikaru Mori. It stands prominently amidst its perfectly combed vineyards. It is the largest wine producer in the region and internationally well-known. To boost the enhancement of the perfect unity of their wines with stellar food, inside the estate lies Marennà, a Michelin starred restaurant.

Surrounded by wide glass windows, the panorama from the restaurant boasts of infinite shades of green with its fascinating vineyards, hills and orchards. Just like the wine labels that were designed by Massimo and Lella Vignelli, the spacious sixty-seat restaurant with the open kitchen was minimally decorated with essentiality and elegance in mind in its modern concept. The possibility to watch Executive Chef Paolo Barrale and his kitchen brigade working in the large open kitchen is one of the beautiful aspects of eating at Marennà.

Executive Chef Paolo Barrale and CEO Pierpaolo Sirch
Sicilian in origin, Chef Paolo Barrale is well-versed on Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite flavors. Combined with Irpinian and Campanian cuisines which reflect the woodland surroundings, forest and sea influences sit well in the kitchen of Paolo. Under the tutelage of three Michelin starred Chef Heinz Beck for three years, his formative years in the kitchen had been exemplary, being endowed with considerable technical luggage and the importance of top quality raw materials. His kitchen in fact represents the best aspects of gastronomy. He amplifies the territorial characteristics through his dishes through his profound respect for the materials he uses. Beautifully presented which enrich the diners' eyes and when you take that bite, you know that you are in good hands at Marennà. In 2004, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star.

Marennà comes from the Latin word merere which means to deserve. It's a word that best appoint the concept of the restaurant which recalls something worthy earned after a big work.

The very attentive service in the dining area is handled by Sommelier Angelo Nudo and his team who guide the guests through a complete voyage in the discovery of the flavors and aromas of Irpinia from the kitchen and from the cellar.

The menu proposals are seasonal composed of meat, seafood and vegetables, changing according to the ingredients of the right season. On the average, the prices of the appetizer, pasta and dessert entries are €16, while the main courses have an average of €24. Tasting menus (excluding wines) are available at €58 for 5 courses and €68 for 6 courses. The best option is to go for the tasting menu with the pairing of their wines at €90.

Ristorante Marennà
Località Cerza Grossa

83050 Sorbo Serpico (AV), Italy

Tel: +39 08 25986666

Email: marenna@feudi.it

Website: http://www.marenna.it/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marenna.ristorante/

Closed on Tuesdays and Sunday evenings

For the rest of the week, open for lunch and dinner